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It is an electronic application (electronic file) that will be valid from 1/01/2021 and that aims to capture the current condition of the building or the shared property and their permits in order to monitor and control their changes during of their life time.
Private Engineers are responsible for submitting the electronic identity of a building / independent shared property.
What does this electronic file contain?
1) The building permit officer (with revisions if any) of the building where the shared property is located
2) The plans that accompany the building permit
3) The Energy Performance certificate of the divided property
4) The construction inspection certificate (if issued)
5) Declarations of inclusion in laws suspending the imposition of sanctions on arbitrary
6) Floor plans showing the split property in its actual condition when it does not appear from the data of cases 1, 2 and 5
7) The structural vulnerability sheet or the technical report of static control or the static adequacy study.
8) The table of millimeters and the study of distribution of costs of the building, if any.
In case the building permit and the accompanying data are not found then the certificate of loss must be passed to the file by the competent Building Service.
After completing the data, the Authorized Engineer issues the Certificate of Completeness of the Electronic Identity of the building or the Certificate of Completeness of the Electronic Identity of Independent Divided Property. In both cases, the Certificate bears a unique number and states the KAEK of the building or the independent divided property.
Which buildings-split independent properties should proceed to the Electronic Identity.
All buildings or subdivided properties that have been erected or are being erected on the basis of a building permit as well as buildings or subdivided properties for which real legal transactions are allowed.
When to Build a Building or Independently Divided Property Identity.
When we are not dealing with buildings that belong to the State, Health and Social Welfare buildings, Education buildings, gas stations, public gathering buildings, Tourist accommodation over 300 sq.m. etc (for which the building ID must be completed within 5 years from the date of entry into force of the Law), the building-stand-alone property ID must be submitted upon transfer of the building or stand-alone property and the relevant declaration must be attached to the transfer and ownership contract.
1) When in the building or in the divided independent property some work is done which requires the issuance of a building permit or small-scale works that change urban and building sizes then the identity of the building-independent divided property should be informed.
2) If IDs of independent divided properties have been issued, they are integrated in the electronic ID of the building.
3) If the electronic building ID has preceded then no electronic ID of the independently divided properties is issued.
4) In the buildings that will be erected, the Building ID is issued together with the building permit.
5) The Certificate of Completeness of the Electronic Building Identity / Independent Divided Property replaces the engineer certificate provided for living deeds including the donation cause of death.
6) After the date of validity of the Law, all arbitrary constructions / changes of use that are subject to Law 4495/2017 must proceed to the identity of an independent divided property or building.