Two-storey house with swimming pool


Two-storied building that aspires to adopt and incorporate elements of bioclimatic architecture, traditional architecture and the modern tendencies of season, finding the happy medium between aesthetics and functionalism. Objectives that have been aimed at are: the comfort of user, the feeling of warmth and familiarity that fills the space, and the many varied optical escapes that offer alternative views and settings. It is developed on different levels. It attempts the unification of interior and exterior shaped space. At the same time, it separates the uses and the operations and it lends graduations in privacy, so you can easily go from private to family space. On ground level, there is the livingroom, dining room, and kitchen with storage for food supplies(?), wc and guest room. It occupies 132 m ² approximately and covers needs of social contacts of the family, but over and above that, is also a comfortable, relaxing, refreshing and reviving setting in which to spend time. The actual livingroom area constitutes 50 m ² with direct access to the open-air(?) swimming pool. The whole of the ground floor, with the exception of the guest room, is open-plan(?)However, there is the possibility to separate the kitchen with mobile panel, which has electric rolling mechanism. When the panel is withdrawn, the thickness of the stonework is such that it is hidden. Above the livingroom area, there is an internal balcony. The openings in the plate aim for the vertical unification of spaces, while the air bridge from light materials ensures the passage to the (ypaithrio) space of relaxation at first floor level.This space is formed with joists of armed concrete, alternating with voids, and completed with curtain walls. Thus access to and diffusion of natural lighting in the interior is maximised. Another feature is that it offers at night the panorama of sky, full of stars, while suitable openings contribute in the circulation of air and the creation of phenomenon of chimney. (?) Dependent on the requirements of the householders,these openings in the plate of the ground floor roof,are able to be either: a. completely covered/b. to cover 2 bedrooms of 3.3x 3m2 or, c. they function as united space of the open-plan living room area.. This last option achieves the segregation of the two floors and, in the transformation, two separate and independent functional residences instead of 1 two-storied maisonette. As a result, more in the case of two-storied residence – maisonette, this will consist of four bedrooms, 1 guest room, open-plan space of livingroom, kitchen, dining room, w.c for visitors, w.c and bath and will cover an area of 245,00 m2 approximately. An alternative possibility is the segregation of the two floors, as two independent functional entities. In this case, the ground floor residence would consist of:- the open-plan space of livingroom, dining room, kitchen (with the option of separating this, if desired ), bath, childrens bedroom, and master-bedroom with private w.c, and fireplace, covering 132,00 m2. The first floor residence would consist of:- 1master-bedroom, 2 bedrooms, bath, w.c for visitors and open-plan space of livingroom and kitchen, covering 110,00 m2. There is also the possibility to create underground space, for storage or garaging purposes, or for the main use of the residence. The structural system is recommended. It is manufactured by holder stone stonework, strengthened with elements of armed concrete, where this is judged essential, for aesthetic and constructional reasons. The stonework, which will be΄a minimal thickness of 0,45 m, helps the energy upgrade of building, becausethere will be small losses of heat and big heat capacity. This fact, simultaneously with the use of passive solar systems and elements of bioclimatic architecture, in combination with the use of plants in the internal space, or even with the use of aquatic element, contributeston the creation of microclimate and improves the conditions of comfort even in the space . Respectively, similar elements upgrade also the environment around the real estate, offering a variety of alternate pictures and distribution of operations and uses of proportional created spaces. Individual constructional details, individual architectural members and elements lend a particular architectural style, while systems of land of layout with plasterboard allow the oncoplastic configuration, releasing the architectural creation and serving the need of indirect artificial lighting ( focused, diffused, concealed or theatrical proportionally space or the object of focus and projection).

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