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                                                                                                                 A small journey to Kos Island - like a fairytale or a dream

We will talk about a journey that seems like a fairytale. ‘Oikade’ is an ancient Greek word, from the times of Homer, which means return to home; to one’s home country. This is indeed what you feel when you visit our island, Kos . It feels like returning to your home; your place. If you reach the island by boat you see the castle of the Knights of Saint Ioannis and you can walk through the highway of the palm trees. You will be enchanted by the imposing buildings of past times; those buildings are now part of our history and they will cast a spell on you. Kos Island had always been a crossroad where people and civilization were met and this is why we have developed a culture of acceptance towards the ‘other’ and everybody different from us. You will take a relaxing stroll into paved walkways and paths and visit the plane tree of Hippocrates, the oldest doctor of the world, the old town which lies next to the modern town, Casa Romana, a Roman house that speaks of the development of our island through all the historical periods: ancient, roman, byzantine and modern times.

You will visit the Asklepieon, the most ancient hospital of the world and you will take a look at the indolent East. Finally you will get some rest in Eleftherias square next to the archaeological museum of the island and you will taste our special sweet made from tomatoes.

On your way to the villages you will walk into natural scenery of intoxicating aromas from cedar, wild mint, thyme, heather, wild lavender, sage, arbutus, rosemary, oregano, pennyroyal and you will visit hospitable villages with carefree people. You will walk on Dikaios, the highest mountain of the island, where you will find small islands with water running from streams, you will relax at Zia and take a look across at Kalymnos, under the “stare” of Oromedontas, which is the highest mountain top of the island and means the master, somebody who rules over time and presides over the short lives of humans without himself being tarnished by the passing ages.

In Kefalos village you will swim next to the ancient temple of Poseidon , who is the ancient God of the sea; this temple, during the first years of Christianity, was devoted to Saint Stefanos, who was an early martyr. Into the relaxing atmosphere of the small bay you will enjoy the view of Kastri, which is a small island with the little church of Saint Nikolaos . The church is built on the rocky mountain and has a blue dome which unites the blue of the sky with that of the sea. Into this bay lies the most beautiful Zini which, as you can tell by its name, was devoted to the mightiest of the Greek ancient Gods, Zeus. Zeus was the God of hospitality.

On your way to Saint Ioannis, which marks the end of the road of the island, you will see the Palatia, one of the most beautiful locations of the island where our first kings have built their mansions and next to this there is the church of Panagias Palatianis . Walking up to Zini you will visit Aspri Petra, the Paleolithic cave which was inhabited from the first citizens of the Aegean and across you see Nisyros island. Arriving at Saint Ioannis you will enjoy the vast view to the open sea and, if it is the 28th of August, which is the eve of the monastery festivities, you will eat, dance and enjoy yourself!

Here ends our little journey, a timeless journey where our ancient land exists and lives next to the modern and our ancient language survives in our local dialects and in the names of our monuments and villages. A journey that will bring to the mind of the traveller a verse from our great Nobel laureate poet George Seferis that we travelled "together with our ancient ruins and modern grief." But islanders turn this "modern grief" into creation, solidarity, joy, feasting and dancing at gatherings and festivals. This blending of grief and joy is the charmolypi of the Byzantines or the klafsigelos of the Ancients; a deep philosophical attitude that characterizes our people, an old lesson that we learned from our ancient philosophers.


Here days are passing by at a slow pace, beneath the blinding sun and the cool breeze of the sea, while nights under the starry sky next to the enchanting scent of jasmine, honeysuckle, basil, verbena, evening primrose. Here, you will really feel very rich, because from the minimum one can reach the maximum and maximum today in the midst of the vast globalized world and the evils which we live among, is the microcosm of our island. A smile, a hospitable nod, a hearty good morning; "This small world; this grand world", writes another great Nobel laureate poet, Odysseas Elytis.

                                                                                                                                                                      Well, we once more say Oikade because:


                                                                                                                                           Here you’ll finally feel you‘re back to your country, your home.
                                                                                                                                           Here you can have your own mooring!
                                                                                                                                           Here you can build your own dreams!
                                                                                                                                           Here you can build your own house!


                                                                                                                             In waiting…


The text 'Oikade' was written and given to Kosrealestate the School Director Kos - Nisyros Maria Kouroupi.




Many thanks to State School Advisor of Kos & Nisyros Island Maria Kouroupi, for the valuable time spent on writing this beautiful text.



We are the largest and longest established estate agent in Kos since 1989. We started as a family business and have grown into a small company with 5 staff members. We have our head office in Kefalos village and we opened an office in the center of Kos Town, Ippokratous 12. We offer a full range of properties that will accommodate any clients specifications.

With our experience and guidance the home buying process is made simple every step of the way. An important key to the firms success is our commitment to maintaining a high level of professionalism. Here at kosrealestate, we are not just another company selling houses we are helping people to realise their dreams. Our company is dedicated to property finding services and consulting for both local and overseas residents.

We guide you through the full house-buying process and assist you every step of the way in finding your ideal property. With our up-to-the-minute availability of information and our excellent knowledge of Kos `property market, we are here to take all the hard work away from you. We have many years of experience dealing with the varied needs of clients in the UK and throughout the world. Whether you are looking to find your ideal home, to purchase a holiday villa, or to buy property for investment purpose, our service is aimed at bringing a personal approach to your property search, Kos is thriving with new properties and real estate developments that regularly enter the market. Apartments, villas, medieval buildings, townhouses - the range of available properties for purchase and rent in Kos is quite big, with prices to suit every budget.
We know Kos better than anyone and are always informed about properties and any changes to buying procedures. 

Company founder is George Papalexandratos designer-decorator for many years engaged in architectural design and construction while maintaining technical office since 1985
Later incorporated in the operation of the technical office and real estate transactions. The rapid development of tourism and economy of the island led to a vision for creating
From then until today kosrealestate has become synonymous with quality and guaranteed real estate transaction, providing hundreds of Greeks and Europeans the right to build their dreams easily, quickly, qualitatively and without any risk.
Today, we as a family business with Xenia Papalexandratou, Civil Engineer TE, Anastasios Papalexandratos, Architect NTUA, University of Rome La Sapienza, Mangos Mihalis, Electrical Engineer T.E. So, we can serve our customers in a wide range of services. Extends to other activities, such as green energy and green houses




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Fees 2% of the value of the property or 1% for property worth more than 1.000.000€

Deposit 50€ to indicate the property that is removed in case of purchase it (not refundable).

Minimum purchase fees for the office 1.500€ 


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Fee the price of a rental

Minimum rental fees 150€ 

Deposit 20€ to indicate the property that is removed in case of rent it (not refundable).